The caption for one of the pictures of Katherine's cross on the Ning reads, "Someone asked where the Ministry began - in one sense, here." The location of Katherine's cross is in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, UK.

In response to Dreamer's proposed designs for recruitment posters, Jason had this to say:

Recruitment 1 - no.
Recruitment 2 - yes.

1: We do not seek to avert antional disaster - that is when we misuse our power. However, we do ensure that history stays the same and that others do not misuse it [like a certain gentleman you had met a few months ago].
2: Perfect - you understand the doomsday imperative well, as well as the ideas of manipulating both word and image.

After confirming all that distilled had dug up about Masquerade and so on, Aethalides said,

Indeed Talaus - as now the party is upon us, the machine was created a while ago by the founders who, when realising the upcoming war [WW2] would be swung too much were such a machine to fall into the wrong hands, dissembled it. Three men were responsible for hiding the 78 pieces that made the machine and scattered them, like little hares throughout the English countryside.
They got this idea from the future, from a man reading a book about the Masquerade, who, in turn, had an idea from one of his relatives who was looking for a piece of machinery.
We created a logical circle, one that is very delicate and one that we must strive to uphold. Without the machine, we are just men and women who can make people forget and change our appearance at times. Whilst that in itself is a dangerous amount of power, our true protection stems from the machine and our understanding of geneology.

We learned through one of Claire's flashbacks that the "man reading a book about the Masquerade" was in fact Vanessa's uncle Johan. If Vanessa is now Johan's only surviving relative, perhaps it is she--or one of her descendants--who gave him the idea?

Claire on what Poeas says the Ministry had wanted to use Vanessa for:

she said that the ministry "want to change history, or rather let it happen"
H said that the ministry wanted v to kill a man on a boat in 1939
and that if he wasn't killed the ministry may not be here
I was to be used to force her to do it
the guy they wanted her to kill was H's other grandfather [i.e., not Vladimir Sirin]

Is this what Project Tiphys is? Is Poeas telling the truth?

A Ministry file on Vanessa contains the following information:

Agent: Atalanta

Date of hiring: 19th April 2010 – RVZ8 day

Reason for hiring: Assist with Project Tiphys

Reason for hiring: Ensure memorial for communication at RVZ8, secondary: prevent Rg111 developments with A.E., continue family line communications due to recent removals.

Potential paradox problem if communication RVZ8 removed
Current future indicates that interception likely and Ultra change could incur heavy loss of life