Vanessa AtalantaEdit

MoA codename: Atalanta.

Has a Yahoo! profile at .

Has a Twitter


Turned 30 on May 1, 2010.

Describing her, Claire says, "she's taller than me and pretty skinny (bitch!!! lol) and she has curly hair."

To see Vanessa's family tree (though updated only as much as she got to during the last game), go to and type "vanessaatalanta" into the Site ID box on the left (partway down).

Vanessa is terribly worried that members of the Ministry are watching her very closely. She fears that her every move is being tracked by someone. (4/30)

A Ministry file on Vanessa contains the following information:

Agent: Atalanta

Date of hiring: 19th April 2010 – RVZ8 day

Reason for hiring: Assist with Project Tiphys

Reason for hiring: Ensure memorial for communication at RVZ8, secondary: prevent Rg111 developments with A.E., continue family line communications due to recent removals.

Potential paradox problem if communication RVZ8 removed
Current future indicates that interception likely and Ultra change could incur heavy loss of life

Jean-Pierre WeillerEdit

MoA codename: Jason (as in Jason and the Argonauts, from Greek mythology--a play on words of argon/Argonauts).

Vanessa's father. Prefers that Vanessa call him "Father" rather than anything else.

Died at 1:11 on May 1...or so we have been told. May 1 is also his birthday.


Claire HoskynsEdit

Vanessa's former best friend. She has avoided Vanessa ever since she was released from her kidnapping; when she tried to contact V after this hiatus, V at first claimed not to know her, then sent her a message with an encoded warning that it was not safe.

Claire has set up a Ning at that we can use to work together on puzzles with her. She points out that she knows Vanessa well and will be able to help us use any info she knows about V that is needed for any puzzle solves, plus the visions/flashbacks she is experiencing can tie into or even be triggered by mention of the puzzles.

We have discovered that Claire is the MoA's Target 78. While Jason was alive, he gave an order to prevent her from retrieving the information stolen by Poeas by any means necessary, while still leaving her alive. Since his death, Poeas has told Claire that the Ministry no longer has any reason to keep Claire or herself (Poeas) alive.

Has a facebook profile at, with mostly normal interests ("Glee", "CSI", "baking cupcakes").

E-mail: and she says she'll try to keep the chat thing open there (Yahoo Messenger, I guess?).


Poeas is her MoA codename.

Real name(?): Henriette Le Rennet. She used to sign her e-mails to Sirannon with "HdR", but switched to H le R on April 28, saying, "it is, and always is H le R not HdR - I was tired - sorry!"

Telos points out, "[Edgar Allen] Poe used the penname Henri Le Rennet from time to time."

Granddaughter of Vladimir far as we have been told. If this can be believed, and if Jason's statements below about Vladimir's burial site can be believed, she was given possession of VS' ashes after he was cremated.

She has made some snarky comments to various agents on the Ning, and also seems to be recruiting players for some sort of "true Ministry"--one which may have a goal of changing history rather than making sure the timeline remains unchanged.

Her comment (the thing like a Facebook status) on her Ning profile on April 26 was, "Changing history for the better... hopefully..."

Claire had this to say about her:

H was late 20's black shoulder length hair that was dead straight, even after her sleep. When she went to sleep i couldn't wake her by shouting at her. She remained asleep until she sat bolt upright and said 'it's started.' She has piercing green eyes that are intense. At first she reminded me of a crow who wanted to peck my eyes out. When i got into the taxi with nat i hadn't noticed but she was in there. She grabbed my laptop and closed her eyes and a little smoke came out. Then she said 'my name is henriette and we have a lot to talk about and then she shook my hand. The next thing i knew i was back at nat's. She told me that jpw kidnapped me but that she was the one in the tower, the one that told me to forget and the one that guarded me.

Alan Turing (in-game)Edit

Started his work at Bletchley Park in 1939. In reality, he worked on decoding German messages during WWII, and is associated with the Enigma machine. In-game, he is also associated with development of "the machine," along with (we think) V's Uncle Johan and Vladimir Sirin.

Allegedly took his own life. "He was found by his cleaner when she came in on 8 June 1954. He had died the day before of cyanide poisoning, a half-eaten apple beside his bed. His mother believed he had accidentally ingested cyanide from his fingers after an amateur chemistry experiment, but it is more credible that he had successfully contrived his death to allow her alone to believe this. The coroner's verdict was suicide." Turing's ashes were scattered in the gardens of the Woking Crematorium, near London. Source:

"Scary V" posted a picture of the poisoned apple from Disney's version of Snow White, with a caption implying that Alan Turing was murdered.

Other Ministry of Argon (MoA) membersEdit

  • The Herald: delivers Ministry messages. email: Official MoA name, via emails is Aethalides Libatrix
  • Alma was mentioned in a blog by Vanessa on April 23.
  • Carina was mentioned in a Twitter DM to Dawn on April 23. She is in charge of the list of names ministry members can choose from.
  • Ancaeus also seems to be PM-run. His name is Tom. He is new (to the Ministry? to the new network, as opposed to the old one?), and seems uncertain. Poeas poked fun at him for choosing a butterfly picture for his avatar, suggesting that he did so in order to suck up. In response to Aethalides' request for information pertaining to Project Tiphys, Ancaeus said, "I'm just the driver in a sense, so not much to report. But thanks for emailing me though about this - nice to know what the project's about for once..." This is appropriate, as in Greek mythology Ancaeus piloted the Argo after the death of Tiphys.
  • Orpheus is not registered on the Ning, but prefers to visit mentally.

Player MoA codenames vs. unfiction and other namesEdit

Of the names, Aethalides has said, "Carina has a bad sense of humour. Please ignore mythologies as I'm sure the names are just randomly generated... ;)"

When you get your codename, edit your "Real Name" on your Ministry of Argon Ning profile to match your codename.

Re interacting on the Ning, Aethalides says, "Read through the messages, feeling free to talk to others as you see fit. Bear in mind though, that this is for work purposes only and whilst levity is encouraged, it is not a 'facebook chatroom'."

  • Talaus (King of Argo) = distilled = Distilled Will on Facebook
  • Ascalaphus = Dagada = Paul Bird on Facebook
  • Medea = Dawn (dawndilion) = Dawn Ellison on Facebook
  • Idmon = Dreamerblue = Rêveuse Bleue on Facebook
  • Erginus = amandel = Amandel Am on Facebook
  • Philoctetes = Sirannon = Amanda Logan on Facebook
  • Admetus = Telos954 = James Nichols on Facebook
  • Bellerophon = Cineball = Seth Ball on Facebook
  • Calais = celendis = Solitary Solace on Facebook
  • Acastus = Christina Delton on Facebook
  • Lynceus = Caseys_Mom
  • Palaimonius = sirpoins = Smitty Stevens on Facebook
  • Euphemus = theclaw = Sarah Tallon on Facebook
  • Echion = degravedi = Devasa Vedi on Facebook
  • Castor = Stæld

As of this update, the member who appears first on the members list is Echion, and there is a total of 20 members (counting both player and PM-run).

On Claire's Ning, there are currently 12 members (11 of us and 1 of her). People currently lacking access to Claire's Ning can send a message to Claire or Dreamer with their e-mail address and they will be invited; people on this list are Christina Delton, Caseys_Mom, Stæld and sirpoins.

Deceased characters from the previous Vanessa Atalanta ARGEdit

Vanessa's Uncle JohanEdit

Vladimir SirinEdit

Likely MoA codename: Nestor

Vladimir was an enigmatic character who was concerned that Vanessa, a pawn in some chess-game-like conflict, not become a queen...but that the game still be won.

We eventually discovered that Vladimir was once a lover of Vanessa's mother, and helped to raise her for a little while when she was much younger.

We also discovered that Vladimir could not travel at night. We never figured out why this was so.

He had some method of sensing, so to speak, if Vanessa were alive or dead, asleep or awake, or something about her emotional state.

References were made during the ARG to a book titled Pale Fire published by Vladimir Nabokov under the pseudonym Vladimir Sirin. Nabokov and also studied chess problems and butterfly genitalia.

Amandel asked Jason for the details of VS' memorial service and the location of his grave, that she might send some Buddleia (butterfly bush) flowers. Jason's response:

Certainly Amandel
The problem is dependant upon where you define buried.
His death was at Bletchley Park, at his own hand.
Unfortunate, but necessary.
His service was held in North Fambridge, with Rev. Buddle doign the service [lovely old man].
His body was cremated and his ashes were given to his granddaughter.
She has asked politely that no-one knows of their location, nor her connection, which I will respect. There is no headstone.
Might I suggest that your bright flowers are perhaps scattered in the wind - Nestor was always keen on sailing.
As for his 'talking', I am not one who believes in spirits, but I am also aware that, of all of us, he had the strongest soul.
Thanking you. Your regards will be passed on. (Amandel's EDIT: to Vanessa)(Dreamer's edit: perhaps, rather, to Poeas?)

Amandel notes that this is "An amusing mix of fact and fiction imo. Nestor, the Argonauts' elder statesman, might have been Vlad's code name at Argon. 'Rev. Buddle' , however, was the botanist for whom the Buddleia plant is named. Source Here"

She quotes:

The name buddleia commemorates the amateur botanist and bryophyte expert, Reverend Adam Buddle (1662-1715). Buddleia was named for Buddle posthumously to recognize him for writing on early Flora of the British Islands