Telos summed it up well in a post on April 27:

Here's my current order of things.
Claire in Wolverhampton -> Kidnapped, taken for a ride -> passes the London Eye, heading over a bridge (most likely north again.) -> Green and red light event in bell tower -> Heading (north again?) to park in Milton Keynes -> Sees V with an old man 'on death's door' (Very likely to be VS, given the time this happened, and the meeting between JPW and VS in the same park.) -> Sees V is not her self, Claire runs
Now. When I was talking to her, I asked why anyone would take a three hour drive down to london, just to go back all the way up to Milton Keynes. (The trip from Wolvarhampton to Milton Keynes is about an hour and a half. The trip from Milton Keynes to London is about the same. She says she thinks it's to visit the tower. My only question about that, though, is that if she had to go north over the bridge past the Eye to get to the tower, why did they go that far down to begin with?

While Claire was helping us on April 30 by getting the item Poeas had dropped, she discovered that she was held at 55 Wells Way. degravedi figured out that she must have been held in the St George's Church bell tower.

Explaining further, she says,

When Nat was driving to London, as we crossed over the Thames Nat said I almost went trance like and told her to go right and left etc and then next thing I knew we were outside that church. Then when i picked up the memory stick from under the boat when i looked up I saw that church in the distance. I could see it was by a school. I'm also guessing that was the park I saw in my dream from the window too.