The Ministry of Argon Wiki is meant to document and assist in the playing out of the Ministry of Argon ARG. For more information, see this thread on unfiction. Please feel free to jump in and edit the wiki as needed.

This wiki should be considered out-of-game, and as such it should be considered inaccessible to in-game characters.

This ARG is related to the Vanessa Atalanta ARG; whether it is to be considered a continuation or a spin-off that will stand on its own remains to be seen. For some information about the Vanessa Atalanta ARG, please see and the unfiction forum thread to which that wiki links.


Handy link to the Ministry of Argon Ning: . Remember, Aethalides says, "Read through the messages, feeling free to talk to others as you see fit. Bear in mind though, that this is for work purposes only and whilst levity is encouraged, it is not a 'facebook chatroom'." (note: because of the way the game's events have "altered the timeline," the Ning has changed drastically such that it is no longer for the Ministry of Argon, but rather for a fictional version of Queen's University's International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, England, formerly the home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Also, the Ning will close once Ning starts charging for Nings rather than hosting them for free.)

Link to Claire's Ning:


Characters and Contact Info (including our MoA codenames)


Separate page for The contents of Atalanta Documents.doc

Separate page for The contents of Nestor Documents.doc

Connections and Consilience

A Summary of the previous Vanessa Atalanta ARG for the reference of players new and old (though the story has not been brought fully up to date there yet...working on it :)!).

Sorting out the details of Claire's kidnapping

About the Ministry of Argon - its objectives, history, etc.